G1 vs. iphone

Have you gus seen T-Mobile’s version of the iPhone. Well if you havent you should check it out. It looks like the Iphone, but slides like thier side kick. I hate these phones that look like the iphone. No one can compare to Apple’s technology, and they should all stop trying to be like them. The G1 is all thick, and dark and scary looking. Whereas, the iphone is sleek, and shiny and pretty. The G1, is the broke mans iphone! It should not even be on the market. There main thing in this phone is that you can experience the web wherever you go, well duh! So can the iphone but even better. They do have things in common like there smatphones, and has easier access to the internet, better than those ridiculous blackberries. And there cool, but having a MAC OS, then anything else.


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