Assignment 4 – Flash 55

“How Will I Kill Her Now?”

A church wedding was the next step. A license and a priest was all the seeked. After all,  they have known each other for 7 years now. The wedding came, the new husband and wife. Crutched at the table, like every other morning, sipping his morning coffee, he thought, “How do I kill her now?”

In this sketch I decided to try to draw the guy thinking about how he wanted to get rid of his wife. I wanted to show the wife too, so I tried to put her in another room. Basically I feel like I tried to put a lot of effort in the background stuff, instead of the people, just to show that maybe he doesn’t want to “kill her” he could just be thinking about it, randomly. I just feel like with this view of the both people, it sort of makes a bad situation (him thinking of killing his wife) into a calm mood (why would he kill her, look how cute the how is).

Remember Me?

So I’m two inches away from her. We sat at the bar. The mist of her graceful perfume filled the air. The wind blew her hair passed her face. I knew her as a child. I wonder if she remembers me? Just as I’m about to kiss her, she says to me, “Whats your name?”

In this sketch I feel like theres a lot going on. I dont know, I just thought it would be cool if we didn’t see his childhood’s friend face. Sometimes in movies they just focus on one person’s point of view. I wanted to sort of have the audience be the woman, and see what she saw through her eyes. So obviously, she’s looking at the bar, and the guy, and all the other stuff around her.


2 thoughts on “Assignment 4 – Flash 55

  1. I like the way you darken things. I mean, the color usage is clear even though you just use a pencil. I also like the first picture when you show 2 rooms at the same time. It’s cool.

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