Assignment 5 Sentences…

1) Im two inches away from her, I look at her and she says, “Whats your name again?”

2)She was brilliant, but didnt know when to use her brilliance.

3)Looking out the window, she saw a bird, and wanted to fly with it.

4) Squirrels are running up the street, it turns its head for just a moment, and is hit by an automobile.

5)A homeless man walks around on his lunch break asking for money, hes really a lawyer.

6)I blind women goes on an elevator, she listens to the “beep” the elevator makes to get on the right floor, someone speaks, and she misses her stop.

7)A computer is left on the table, a theft comes and takes it, he then brings it back because he feels guilty.

8)After dinner he usually goes to sleep, his wife is gone tonight, so he goes out with his someone thats not his wife.

9)Her shoelaces were untied, she needed to get to class quickly, she ran, and she fell and busted her knee, ouch.

10)The leaves gently fell to the ground on that spring afternoon, the girl wishes she can be as light as the leaf.

11)A man sits on the side walk with his hands in his pockets, he then pulls out a gun and shoots himself in the head, he was depressed.

12)A boy robot wants to become a real boy, so he goes on the internet and searches “how to be a man.”

13)”I have to go potty”, yells the girl, her mother boyfriend gets upset, picks up his liquor bottle and splits her head in two, he then passes out for the night.

14)In the mountains there is a song that is played by the wind on the coldest day.

15)A priest sleeps with another boy, whats new?

16)Sally walked to the market to buy celery, it came alive, and ate her for dinner.

17)The huge dog chased his tail into he puked it all up, and ate that too.

18)My friend is sitting in my room until I get this homework assignment done, hes helping me.

19)A cherry tomato was threw at me, until I started to puke.

20)The rabbit won the race, and the fox was mad.

21) Tim thinks literature is boring, but he really likes math, so he does math problems for fun.

22)Frosty’s are delicious but I prefer a milkshake, says the overweight girl.

23)The movie Armageddon makes me cry, so I rather watch Billy Madison instead, its happier.

24)Lawyers lie, thats why they are called lawyers.

25)I eat bread sticks at the Italian Restaurant, are the pieces of brown country bread.

26)I text and drive with my friends, and I get in accidents.

27)A girl puts makeup on in the car, she gets hit by a truck when she was putting on her blush.

28)Kenny works at a restaurant, he makes meat, he put his hand in the meat grinder, and cut them off.

29)The tv was so big it couldnt get through the apartment door, so they had to cut the tv in half.

30)An island where there were no people, suddenly people appeared and took over the world.


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