Apple OS X LION: Cool Things it does.

So, I just downloaded to Lion from Snow Leopard. The new OS from Apple came out on Wednesday. I can sum it up in 1,000 words. It is amazing!

I have a 20 month old (2009) Macbook Pro 13inc. It has 2 GB of memory and about 140GB hard drive space. Using my home wireless connection it took about 5 minutes for it to download from the Mac App Store, and about 1 hour for it to install. Other than that it was an easy process for me. I have heard that other people have had difficulties downloading Lion, and I had none at all, it was smooth and a painless process. I also read online that people have been having problems with Microsoft Office applications, for me they work just fine. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are all doing well.

There are so many cool things about this new operating system. Things I like the best are mission control and launchpad. Mission control lets you see everything that is happening in on your computer. All your programs, apps, everything. It keeps it nice and organized to so you can all that you are doing. All you have to do to access this feature is use your trackpad or click the mission control app on your dock. Also launchpad is amazing, it lets you see all the apps that you have on your computer. It looks very similar to that of the iPhone, where you can see the dots and swipe through them, and you can also make folders for your apps, just like on the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch devices.

I also like the multiple desktop function. Let say that you just want a desktop filled with app, and then your main desktop where you do your work at, you can do that also. (I will show screenshots of all of this) Its very nifty if you are like me and like to be very organized. You can also see all of these at once if you open up mission control, people cool!

Apple even changed the login screen too. You can have a screen savor as your background on your login screen if you want. You can also add a message to your login screen if you like. Such as “My MacBook” or something like that. Neat!

Another cool thing is the multi touch features. After getting some use to the trackpad its really cool how you can jump back and forth from the different desktops you made by swiping three fingers.

Something else cool is when you click on the “About this Mac” option you can see a new features there. They have a picture of your mac similar to how iTunes has a pic of your device and how iTunes shows you how much space is used, how many videos, photos, and how its in color. Lion does that beautifully, its a quick way to see what is going on with your computer. Also it shows how many GB are running on your computer too.

Well, that was a quick over view of what I like about Lion, pictures are coming up later, and a more detailed version of all the new features (that are worth talking about).

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