Cool Things Apple’s OS X Lion Does

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As I said before I was going to show you guys some screen savers off my computer which is running Apple’s OS X Lion software.This is going to have several pictures, so beware

The first picture that I am showing is “Mission Control”. This is where you are able to swipe to see everything that is on your computer. For me, I had one page open and you are also able to see the dashboard, and how many desktops I have, which is two.

The next screen shot is of “Launchpad”. You can see all the applications that are running on your MacBook, and they can even be put into folders, similar to the IOS functions of the iPad, iTouch, and iPhone devices.

This screen shot shows how you can use the multi-touch gestures of your track-pad to swipe, with 4 fingers, either left or right to go from the dashboard, and to other desktops that you have added on your computer. It is a very nice added feature.

This shows the dashboard and what it now looks like compared to the dashboard of Snow Leopard. You can get to the dashboard in many ways, swiping your 4 fingers, or using expose to get you there. With Lion you can swipe 4 fingers up and get to the dashboard also.

Another feature that I like, is how you can swipe with 2 fingers on a website (I have only done this with Safari) and you can go back to the previous page. So instead of hitting the “back” button, or pressing delete, you can swipe and it will send you back and forwards between previous pages.

This is what the desktop looks like. Same ‘ol same ‘ol. Only thing that has really changed is how you can see your name at the top right of the picture. It says “Daphne Reeves”. If you click that you can, if you have other users on the computer, go directly to that account.

Here with have again, how you just use 4 fingers and you are able to swipe back and forth from one desktop to another.

This is the new “About this Mac” improvement. It now tells you, similar to how iTunes shows how much you are using in on your Mac as far as music and photos. This tells you now how much memory your Mac has. Pretty cool! (the next 2 images also)

This shows a little plus sign in the top right corner. That shows how you can add more than one desktop to your Mac. I have two, one for random things, and one that I am using for my school work.

This picture shows dashboard opened up in mission control. Just another way to view what you are doing on your Mac.

This picture shows how when you open up in expose it shows what documents are open and you can see the files shown.

Sorry for the bad quality! (Taken with my iPhone) These next two show the new login screen. Now the desktop that you have as your background on your Mac is the background for your login screen too. You can also put a customizable note, I put if found return to me! You can also see (2nd picture) that your name is displayed at the top, as well as the battery power, and if you are connected to wi-fi. Very cool!

I will also do a video on Lion too, so come back for that!

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