Happy 20th Birthday, World Wide Web!

An painting from Tim Berners-Lee’s strange offer for an organizational complement regulating hyperlinks and a mechanism network–a complement afterwards referred to as a Mesh. The offer preceded a Web’s open entrance by a integrate of years.

Happy birthday, Web!

On Aug 6, 1991–20 years ago–Tim Berners-Lee posted a outline of a plan for organizing information on a mechanism network regulating a “web” of hyperlinks: a “WorldWideWeb,” or W3. At a same time, a W3 done a entrance as a publicly accessible use on a Internet. Now, as a Web turns 20, those of us here during CNET and sister site CBS News.com are giving it a large appreciate we for revolutionizing a universe as we know it.

There have been some clear downsides to a Web, such as online predation and a rebate in privacy, though a good has distant outweighed a bad. Web companies have combined millions of jobs opposite a globe, non-stop people adult to opposite cultures and ideas, and combined a turn of clarity in politics that’s never utterly been achieved before.

Through social, economic, and domestic actions online, a universe has turn wholly opposite than it was dual decades ago. News travels faster than ever; each singular chairman with entrance to a Internet has a voice to opening disappointment or encourage a following; and amicable interactions have turn some-more sundry and far-reaching.

The Web has altered a approach people consider and revolutionized a universe as we know it in a remarkably brief duration of time. From clunky modems to smartphones, Web-based record has come a prolonged way. The usually doubt is how distant will it continue to develop in a subsequent 20 years?


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