Mountain Lion is Really Popular

We all knew that Apple’s Mountain Lion was going to be really popular, but how popular, we did not quite know. Even with the stricter system requirements, there were more than 3 million downloads in the first four days alone.

Turns out Apple’s Mountain Lion was really popular. More popular than I thought it would be. When Apple announced that there were more than 3 million downloads in four days, it surpassed all expectations. Making it the most successful OS X launch in the company’s history. With all the new features that Mountain Lion has, that could be one of the reasons that so many people have bought the new operating system.

Mountain Lion contains more than 200 new features. Many of the new features make the system more user friendly and more social. There is now a built in integration of Facebook and Twitter. Users also love the apps that they use on their mobile device, are on their Macs too.

It will be interesting to see how Mountain Lion will fair over the next couple months, as more people buy Macbooks. Macs are incredibly popular and Mountain Lion will be a must for Mac fans.

2 thoughts on “Mountain Lion is Really Popular

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