We Want an Apple TV!!

Interest in Apple TV has soared among US consumers. But what would be the price for an Apple TV? A survey conducted stated that half the people were interested in buying the television. An Apple TV is suggested to be retailed at about $1,500.

Is that a sticker shock for consumers that are interested in an Apple TV? Some 49% of consumers that were surveyed proclaimed that they would, in doubt, be interested in buying an Apple market television set.

According to survey results released by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, 29% said they were not in the market for buying a TV but an Apple entry would turn them into buyers.

“We believe this suggest that customers would be willing to interrupt an estimated seven-year TV product cycle to purchase an Apple Television,” said Munster “This is of course not surprising given the following Apple products and widespread adoption of the iPhone and iPad“.

However, with the people who said they wanted to buy the Apple TV, only 12% said they would spend $1,500 for the estimated retail price, which would be releasing in mid-to-late 2013.

“The hurdle Apple is going to face with winning consumers to Apple television is price” says Munster. “Over the pass seven years, consumers have been conditioned to pay progressively less for TVs, with the average 32-inch price down 76% since 2005.”

Are you like the majority of the people who were surveyed? Would you drop $1,500 for an Apple television?

I would.


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