iPad 2 Makes Up 60% of iPad Web Traffic


Are people holding back on upgrading to the new iPad? Or was the iPad 2 just that popular? With the success that came from schools buying iPads, could that be a reason?

The new iPad continues to break tablet sales for Apple, however the iPad 2 is still incredibly popular. Web traffic coming from the new iPad accounts for about 18% of all iPad traffic, while 60% still comes from the iPad 2.

Apple has sold 17 million iPads this past quarter which is a record for the company. The most popular iPad that was sold was the third-generation iPad. However there is a difference between web traffic and global sales.

I think that this is caused because of the iPads 2 discount in March of this year. Discounting the iPad 2 by $100 to $399 was a very smart move by Apple. First, it put the iPad in the hands of more consumers, who did not want to spend $500 on a tablet. With that said, it also opened the door for schools to purchase the device at an affordable cost. When that happened, the Apple App Store began to push more educational apps, for students.

Between April and June of this year, Apple has sold over 1 million iPads to schools, which is a quarterly record for the company. Apple also had a record-breaking quarter for Macs bought for schools also.

Apple’s very savvy about how it prices its products and simultaneously squeezes profits out of them. Its success with the iPad 2 even since the introduction of the brand new iPad shows that. With Google, Microsoft and Amazon undercutting or trying to undercut the iPad on price with smaller but compelling tablets, Apple’s decision on how to price the still-rumored smaller iPad is going to have a significant impact.

Which iPad do you have?


3 thoughts on “iPad 2 Makes Up 60% of iPad Web Traffic

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