More iPhone Discounts Appear As Update Gets Closer


As the iPhone 5 and the iOS 6 update come closer and closer, major discounts on the iPhone 4s have been noticed.

A third major retailer has now discounted iPhone prices, in anticipation of the next generation iPhone; which is expected to be announced in September. Target has joined Best Buy and Sprint is cutting the iPhone by $50, while Apple is also matching these prices in its retail stores.

Target is now selling the iPhone 4s with two-year contracts on AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon for $150 for the 16 GB model. Best Buy discounted the 8GB iPhone 4 to $50, for all carriers, however they continue to sell the iPhone 4s at its original price of $199.99.

Sprint was the first carrier to cut the iPhone 4s price by $50 last week. That made the 16 GB iPhone 4s $150, $250 for the 32 GB model, and $350 for the 64 GB model. Sprint also waived the $36 activation fee for its customers, if they purchased the phone online.

Apple also confirmed last week that its retail stores will match discounted iPhone prices from major retailers and carriers. However, that offer is not available to online users, it is not advertised in stores, and you have to ask for the price match, quoting where you have seen the offer, in order to get the discount from Apple.

With Apple matching discounts from retailers, is a quiet confirmation from the company, that is indeed preparing itself for the launch of its newest device. The iPhone 5 is expected to be released the week of September 10th.

The heavy anticipation of the newest iPhone is more than likely one of the causes of the slowing sales of the current model. It makes sense that Apple is matching discounted prices, because people are holding off on buying the older versions because of the new one that is right around the corner. However, matching prices from other retail stores is very unusual for Apple.

Since Apple is keeping details of the new iPhone 5 under wraps, information of the components of the new phone has been leaked out. Some have shown the iPhone with a larger screen, a smaller dock connector, and a unibody shell.

What do you think the new iPhone will look like?


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