Samsung vs. Apple


Before Steve Jobs came to Apple, technology was becoming less and less exciting. Since the release of Windows 95, no one was really lining up to get anything, nor were they anticipating for anything to come out next.

People use to get excited when new cars came out, or when there was a new TV on its way to the market.

Prior to Jobs, however, there was not the excitement in technology that we are accustomed to seeing in users today.

Post Jobs, the market has returned to a design focus, even though Apple dominates the markets the play in, people have begun to line up for smartphones and computers. Mostly iPads, but even the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire have started to sell out at retail stores.

I wish more companies emulated Apple better, however I am in fear that a post Jobs world there will not be products to design, but more litigation issues to face.

I don’t think that Samsung can create magical products that Apple did. It’s not that I don’t feel that they can’t, I feel that they will not. It will be better for the technology industry if Apple won this case.

How did all this start? 

We have to go back to 2007, January 9th to be exact, when the iPhone was first launched. Apple said within a couple of years, 2011, since the release of the iPhone that Samsung started to re-create iPhone clones, that ripped off iPhone design and technology. Apple also claimed that Samsung did the same thing once the iPad came out. Samsung responded by counter-suing Apple for patent infringement.

Apple is suing for $2.5 billion. Samsung is also seeking monetary damages. What some feel the case is really about is stopping Google, and its Android operating system. Steve Jobs is reported saying, before passing last October, is that he wanted to put an end to Android because it was a “wholesale” ripoff of the iPhone.

If Apple wins, Samsung will be forced to stop shipping some devices internationally and to the United States. This will allow Apple to attack HTC and other companies that use Android. If they lose, then Apple will not be able to take down the larger Android companies.

Should Apple Sue Google Instead? 

I believe they should not. One likely reason is that Android is free and Google doesn’t profit directly from sharing OS with the phone makers. Samsung, on the other hand, chooses to use Android and is generating revenue upon which Apple can calculate damages.

Samsung is also an easier target. Apple can simply compare the iPhone with Samsung’s headsets side by side.

Does Apple have the edge?

I believe that as of now, the court is in favor of Apple. Samsung has received four sanctions thus far, for not turning over evidence.

One of the most compelling things that Apple has done so far is show side by side comparisons, as mentioned above, of the companies icons and graphics. Apple also presented emails which show how Samsung studied the iPhone intensely, and knew that its own headsets were inferior to Apple’s. Apple argues that this proves that Samsung was trying to mimic the iPhone.

Who do you think will win?




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