Today Only… iPod Touch $140!

One of my favorite sites, Woot, is selling refurbished 8 GB iPod Touches for $140!

This is a pretty significant price drop, from the $169 that Apple has it for as a refurb, and especially the $199 price tag at any retail store.

If you have been considering buying a new iPod Touch, now is your chance to save $60 bucks. The only thing that is sort of bad about the deal is that, 8 GB is at the lower spectrum of Apple products. There are iPod Touches that are 8 times the size space at 64 GB. But if you can hold out with 8 GB, and not put your entire collection of songs on your iPod, you’ll be alright.

There is word that it is very possible that Apple may be in the midst of creating another iPod Touch. This time there will be a larger screen, some are saying up to 4 inches. It should be announced right around the same time that the iPhone 5 will be announced.

Get your new iPod touch here!!


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