Apple? Comcast? Apple TV?

Apple is in talks with Comcast to carry live broadcast on its streaming device.

Comcast is one of the largest US Cable Companies, and Apple is trying to team up with them to carry a product that has live television and other content.

Customers would be able to use an Apple-designed device to access their set of channels instead of leasing a set-top-box from cable companies for a monthly fee. However, no deal has been reached yet with the two companies.

An agreement would mark the iPhone years of calling it a “hobby”. The companies Apple TV cost $99 and does not carry live network broadcasting, and is mainly used for downloading movies and TV shows from the iTunes media store or streaming content from such services via Netflix and Google’s YouTube.

By aligning with cable companies, Apple would get access to a variety of channels now available to cable subscribers, instead of having to strike independent licensing deals with media companies and program owners.

This has been reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Apple is the world’s most valuable company, and has been talking with cable companies about a TV partnership in the past. In 2007, when the company was preparing the release for the Apple TV, executives reached out to Comcast about striking a deal with the cable provider.

Apple executives, have long been talking with media companies about ways to get more content for its Apple TV device. ESPN sports network, owned by Walt Disney, has even reached out to Apple about giving subscribers online access to programming through Apple TV.

Apple unsuccessful tried, in 2010, to get some networks to offer subscriptions to their channels for Apple TV users.

Time Warner Chairman, and CEO Jeff Bewkes, said in July, that he planned to talk to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, about Apple TV. Apple may forge a partnership with a cable provider, similar to the way it originally struck a deal with AT&T on the iPhone, said Bewkes, whose company owns HBO and other channels.

It isn’t clear whether a deal with cable companies would involve use of Apple’s existing TV product, which plugs in to a television set, or the release of a new device.

Cable companies have begun embracing the popularity of Apple devices in other ways. Comcast, Cablevision Systems Corp. and Time Warner Cable Inc. offer apps so subscribers can watch TV on an iPhone or iPad.

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