Whose getting the New iPhone??

A survey conducted by TechBargains.com, a leading deal aggregation website for electronic products, has revealed that nearly three out of four (74%) current iPhone 4 owners plan to buy the new iPhone which Apple is rumored to unveil on September 12th. Meanwhile, 71% of iPhone 3GS owners, 64% of iPhone 4S owners, 38% of Blackberry owners, 32% of people who don’t own a smartphone, and 22% of Android phone owners also plan to switch, according to the findings. Of those who plan to purchase the new iPhone, one in ten shoppers are expecting to wait in line the day it is released, 35% plan to purchase the device online as soon as it is available and 55% don’t have a set time frame for purchase.

“When it comes to smartphones, Apple’s iPhone remains the leader,” said Yung Trang, president and editor-in-chief of TechBargains.com. “What is interesting to note is the survey indicated that one in five Android owners and almost 40% of Blackberry owners plan to ditch their current platform for the iPhone. This could be construed as a commentary on consumer dissatisfaction with Android and Blackberry products or simply a message that the iPhone’s user experience remains unparalleled.”

The survey also demonstrated that the majority of consumers (65%) indicated that upgrading their current iPhone was the main reason they would purchase the new iPhone, followed by 29% who indicated that no phone compares to the iPhone, 28% who like to purchase the newest products, and 14% who want to switch from an Android to iPhone.

When the survey asked what the most desirable features for the new iPhone would be, 93% of consumers said they want longer battery life, 90% a faster processor, 83% 4G LTE, and 76% a bigger screen. The survey revealed that 51% of consumers believe the starting price for the new iPhone would be $199, which is the current starting price for the iPhone 4S. One in five thought it would be $249 and nearly one in five thought it would be $299. When asked to speculate about changes to the iPhone, 79% of consumers thought there would be a larger screen and 68% thought it would be thinner and weigh less.

A TechBargains.com infographic illustrating who plans to buy Apple’s iPhone and a full list of survey results can be found here. The survey was conducted on TechBargains.com and had 1,332 respondents.

Are you going to get the new iPhone?

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