How to use any third-party remote with Apple TV

“The remote that comes with your Apple TV is definitely cool, but it’s small and fairly easy to lose. While you can use the Remote app for iOS, sometimes that’s not a great solution, either,” Brian Meyer writes for Apple Gazette. “A little-known feature of the Apple TV is that you can use just about any 3rd party remote control with it pretty easily. There’s no setup required for the remote itself, and just a few simple settings on the Apple TV.”

“Any remote will work with this feature, so as long as it has the basic buttons that you’ll find on the Apple remote, you’re set. This means that you can use a cable box remote or use a programmable remote control that’s set to just about any device out there,” Meyer explains. “All you need to know is that the remote sends a signal with you hit the directional buttons, back button, play/pause, and forward/backward.”

Read the rest of the article here.


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