Apple’s Youthful iPhone 5C Enjoys Impressive Gains with Hip Females in Europe

While Android has now gained a stranglehold on smartphone market share in Europe with close to 70%, Apple was still able to chalk up 19% while Windows rose to 10% for the three months to January 2014. One of the more interesting facts revealed in the new study was just how well the iPhone 5C actually did in Europe over the last three months amongst hip females.

A new study by Kantar notes that “For Apple, there are encouraging signs as sales of its 5C model start to take off. When Apple first launched its new iPhones in Britain the 5S outsold the 5C by 3:1. However, the iPhone 5C has gained momentum and was the third best-selling smartphone over the past three months, reducing the 5S/C ratio to 2:1.

The study further noted that “There is a stark gender divide between 5C and 5S buyers – in Britain 74% of 5C buyers are female versus just 36% for the 5S. There are also clear differences in how each device is used. 5S users are more engaged with their device, particularly for data heavy functions such as watching mobile TV or downloading music.

Read more here.

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