Here’s a Sneaky Trick to Make Typing on Your iPad Easier

iPads are pretty fun to use. Squishing your hands together to type on an iPad keyboard, however, is not. Here’s a little-known trick to make it less awkward, so you can easily thumb-type on the tablet when holding it with two hands:

1. Open any application that will require you to use your iPad keyboard, like Notes or Mail. Touch the document to bring up the keyboard.

2. Lightly place two fingers at the center of the keyboard. Push them away from each other, like you’re making a peace sign. This splits your keyboard, like Moses did the Red Sea. You can, at any point, reverse your finger motion to mend the board.

Alternatively, you can also place your finger on the keyboard icon in the bottom-right corner. Keep it there as you swipe your finger up. Another seamless split. Not to mention, you can adjust the vertical placement of the keyboard on the screen.

Or, if you want to keep it simple, you can hold one finger down on the keyboard until a bubble comes up. You’ll be given two options: Dock or Split. Choose Split to separate the keyboard or Dock to bring it back to the bottom of the screen.

Now when you hold the device in your hands, it’s super easy to use just your thumbs to type. With the standard keyboard, unless you have freakish hands, your thumbs can’t reach the whole alphabet.

The best part? Your keyboard adjustments transfer between apps. Meaning that you won’t have to keep repeating the steps above to maintain these settings.

Update: I’ve heard from a few readers who are having trouble enabling this feature. Make sure to go to Settings > General > Keyboard and turn the Split Keyboard feature on.

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