Japanese court says Apple’s iPhones, iPads don’t infringe on Samsung patents

Apple has once again defeated rival Samsung in the courtroom, this time in Japan, where it was ruled that the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPad 2 do not infringe on data communication patents owned by the South Korean electronics giant.

The decision was handed down on Tuesday by Tokyo District Court Judge Koji Hasegawa, who ruled that Apple will not have to pay damages to Samsung Electronics, because its devices do not infringe on Samsung’s patents. In response, Samsung issued a statement to Bloomberg saying it was “disappointed” by the decision.

“Upon a thorough review of the ruling, we will determine which measures to take, including an appeal,” the company said.

Apple and Samsung have been at odds in courtrooms across the globe for years, with each accusing the other of patent infringement. So far it’s been Apple who’s found the most success, having been awarded more than $900 million in one U.S. trial alone after successfully proving that Samsung had copied the patented designs of the iPhone and iPad for its own competing devices.

In Japan, court cases between Apple and Samsung date back to 2011, with each having sued the other for alleged patent infringement. Both sides have earned victories over one another, though Apple may have scored the most significant victory last June, when a Tokyo court found that Samsung had infringed on the iPhone maker’s “rubber banding” or “bounce back” patent.

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