Nike Patent Illustrates a New Twist Coming to Nike + iPod

On March 27, 2014, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Nike that reveals a new motorized footwear adjustment system that will work with the Nike-Apple created Nike + iPod system. Nike’s idea is absolutely crazy, but I like it. Nike’s new system will allow professional athletes and sporting enthusiasts alike to program their running shoes so that they could attain the ultimate comfort level each and every time they put their runners on. It’ll provide athletes with a snugness that’s unique to their needs. It’s an automatic shoe lace adjustment system on steroids. Your laces will never come undone again at any time. More importantly, Nike’s patent clearly confirms that this new system will work with Apple’s iPhone and the Nike + iPod system including the iPod sensor. Yes, there’s a new Nike + iPod system update in the making and many sporting fans will truly appreciate Nike’s attention to detail and for making their next generation footwear even that much more comfortable for their hard runs and gaming needs.

Read more here.

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