Microsoft Office for iPad a hit in India

NEW DELHI: Microsoft has finally released the Office Suite apps for iPad and all three – Word, Excel and PowerPoint – have zoomed to the top of Apple App Store’s charts for free apps in India.

The top three spots on Apple’s India App Store for iPad are occupied by Word, Excel and PowerPoint, proving the high demand for Microsoft’s products in the country. The fourth spot is also taken by a Microsoft product, OneNote, which had been available for iPads for quite some time.

The story is the same in the US as well, where the three new Microsoft apps for iPad dominated downloads. Microsoft Word for iPad, Excel for iPad and PowerPoint for iPad were the top three free apps on the US App Store for the Apple tablet.

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Satya Nadella tweeted a screenshot of the iPad App Store showing the top four free apps were by Microsoft and said, “Looks like a productive Friday for iPad owners.”

All three Office for iPad apps are available for download for free. Users can read documents and Word and Excel and give presentations using PowerPoint on their iPads without any charges. However, creating and editing files requires a paid subscription to the Office 365 suite. Microsoft has also made the Office app on Android and iPhone free. The app is meant to be free for home users on both platforms, allowing individual users to view, create and edit files for free. Business users, however, are expected to subscribe Office 365 plan.

Apple last year made the iWorks productivity suite free for those who buy new iOS devices. Google also acquired productivity suite maker Quickoffice and made the app free last year.

Via Times of India.

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