TSMC Fighting for Apple’s 16nm A9 Processor Business

It’s being reported today out of Taiwan that TSMC (Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) is likely to add two more advanced processes to its 16nm process portfolio in order to compete with the 14nm nodes to be released by Intel and Samsung Electronics.TSMC is going all out to compete for Apple’s A9 processor business.

The report further states that “The 16nm FinFET+ process is expected to enter volume production in early 2015 and may help TSMC win A9 processor orders from Apple.”

According to TSMC’s original roadmap, the 16nm FinFET process is expected to enter trial production at the end of 2014. Now that’s all changed, TSMC plans to release a 16nm FinFET+ process also at the end of 2014 and a more advanced 16nm FinFET process in 2015-2016.

Some mobile fabless customers may directly adopt the 16nm FinFET+ process since it gives an additional die shrink, while migrating from 20nm, according to JP Morgan Securities.

The more advanced 16nm process is tentatively named as 16nm FinFET Turbo, the sources noted.

Via Patently Apple.

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