Apple iWatch: A Big Deal Or Not?

•Rumored iWatch is likely coming.
•Will it fulfill a real need?
•How many will sell?
•What will it add to the bottom line?

The beauty of Apple (AAPL), from an investor’s point of view, is that they have, over the last fourteen years created new gadgets that have each become almost a necessity in our lives.

For over a year now we have been hearing rumors of a forthcoming iWatch. We hear rumors of sapphire displays, curved displays, biometrics, health sensors and more. While evidence mounts for some of these rumors, we are all unsure as to what it will bring, if it comes at all.

For the investor, however, the main question is different. So, when this astounding new product comes out, what can we expect for revenue growth? For margins? What can we expect for the bottom line?

It is, of course, impossible to answer that. However, I will try to pass on some thoughts I have been having on the topic on some boundaries for expectations here. But first I must digress just a bit to build a background for my case.

Read more here.

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