After a series of ‘home runs,’ it’d be OK if Apple’s next product is a ‘single,’ Evercore says

After the iPod, iPhone and iPad all proved to be “home run” products, the law of large numbers mean it’s likely Apple’s next new product category may only be a “single” or a “double” — and that’s perfectly fine, in the eyes of one analyst.

Rob Cihra of Evercore Partners issued a note to investors on Wednesday, a copy of which was provided to AppleInsider, in which he said there may only be a few incremental markets where Apple could disrupt in the same way that iPhones and iPads have. While the iPhone added some 50 percent to Apple’s revenues, it would be near impossible to replicate that kind of success.

Cihra expects that Apple will enter the wearable electronics market, potentially with a so-called “iWatch.” But he sees products in that category ultimately adding an incremental 5 percent to the company’s bottom line.

Another new potential market category for Apple would be a larger 12-inch iPad model targeted at enterprise customers, and potentially offering a more full-featured version of iOS.

He also sees Apple launching an expanded Apple TV that could serve as a “home gateway,” and potentially triple the selling price of the current low-end model to a new cost of $299.

Read more here.

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