New Study: Apple Users Lead the Trend of Multi-Screen Adoption

According to a new Kantar Worldpanel report published today, the data clearly shows that Apple users are high quality users and lead the trend of multi-screen adoption. What’s interesting about the study is that the trend appears to be occurring in urban China – one of the most important mobile markets in the world.

For either iOS or Android, there’s an app for almost everything nowadays. As a result, mobile devices like tablets play an important role in our lives. Desktop computers and laptops have been tossed aside by many, as most tasks that were traditionally done on a computer are now performed on tablets. Now with Microsoft Office 365 on an iPad, that trend is likely to increase over time.

At home, we often pick up a tablet from the table or from the sofa and start reading or streaming videos. At work, we are leaving our documents or notepad behind, attending meetings with only a tablet. Is there any relationship between the tablet we use and the mobile phone we own?

The recent Kantar Worldpanel ComTech report shows, by December 2013, amongst Apple, Samsung and Lenovo tablet users in Urban China, over 62% own a smartphone device.

Read more here.

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