These Headphones Will Probably Make You More Attractive

When headphones look this good, who cares how they sound? Well, me, for one. After all, unless you carry a mirror everywhere you go, you never see your headphones while you’re using them. Still, Phiaton’s Bridge MS 500 headphones just got a Red Dot award, so there might be something to them other than good looks.

You know what else got a Red Dot award? My kitchen food processor, which is really, really loud.

Kidding aside, the attention to detail in the Bridge MS 500 cans is impressive. From the aluminum and leather construction to the fabric-covered cable through the folding design, 40mm drivers and inline remote, they seem to deserve a design award like the Red Dot.

They even let you plug in your cable to either side, perfect for lefties and righties both.

Price? $300. I’ll stick to my little in-ear headphones. But if you’re good-looking and live in my neighborhood, you should totally get some of these and hang out in the street and local bars wearing them.


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