Apple’s iBeacon is ready for Minnesota Twins Game Opener

Earlier this morning we reported on Apple’s three new trademark applications for iBeacon icons in color and black and white. Yet the news on Apple’s iBeacon doesn’t stop there. Today, sources in Minneapolis reports that iPhone-toting Minnesota Twins fans will have their “MLB at Bat” app automatically start up instead of manually having to be started as in the past. That will happen due to Apple’s new iBeacon technology. The new iBeacon services will begin this coming Monday at the team’s game opener.

 According to the report, “Those using MLB At Bat on newer Apple iPhone devices will get checked in automatically as they arrive at one of the Twins stadium’s entrances — for Monday’s season opener, and for all games thereafter — if everything works as it should.”

The At Bat app provides features that enhance a fan’s enjoyment of the game, such as news, stats and video. Checking in while at the ballpark provides additional features.

Major League Baseball installed iBeacon at 20 of its 30 stadiums before the baseball season. Another six ballparks will get the technology in the coming weeks.

Over time, baseball fans will derive more and more benefit from the wireless technology. Ballpark check-ins will make them eligible for all manner of coupons and offers, as well as for prize drawings. The Twins will be holding such drawings immediately.

New York-based Major League Baseball has demonstrated all of these features — and says more iBeacon features are on track.

The iBeacon technology has sometimes been described as a kind of “indoor GPS” because it is so location-aware and can pinpoint a phone-app user’s location with great precision. That’s how staffers at Macy’s, which is also using iBeacon, might locate a visitor in need of help in a packed store.

Via Patently Apple.

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