JP Morgan sees Apple further eating away at Windows PC market with sub-$1000 iOS notebook

Apple is excluding itself from a $63 billion market opportunity, investment firm J.P. Morgan believes, by only partially competing in the sub-$1,000 portable computing market, which is why one analyst argues Apple should introduce a new notebook powered by a more full-featured version of iOS.


Analyst Rod Hall sees Apple adding a keyboard and mouse centric user interface to its iOS platform within the next 12 months, while also keeping the touch friendly functionality of the operating system. This new, more full-featured version of iOS, which he refers to as “iAnywhere,” would cannibalize sales of the MacBook Air, but also traditional Windows PCs that thrive in the price range between $500 and $1,000, he said.

In his view, that price range for notebooks and tablets is a $63-billion-per-year opportunity that Apple “barely participates in.” Currently Apple has one full-fledged notebook priced under $1,000 — the entry-level 11.6-inch MacBook Air — while the entire iPad Air lineup falls in that range.

Hall estimates that even with the dominant iPad, Apple still only accounts for about 20 percent of the portable computing market priced between $500 and $1,000. In contrast, Apple’s MacBook Range accounts for about 40 percent of notebooks priced at over $1,000, he said.

Read the rest here.

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