Consumer Reports reviews the smart home, says no to Nest and is meh on Hue


Last night, my June issue of Consumer Reports arrived with a cover featuring Nest, Hue light bulbs and a connected Schlage lock. This caused me to actually shout in excitement: here was a chance to see how normal people view the smart home. The good news is that connected devices are making their way into the mainstream, but the bad news is that Consumer Reports has accurately pegged most of the challenges the industry is facing — and I’m not sure it’s going to help convert anyone to the smart home.

Consumer Reports notes the potential pitfalls of connectivity, such as ineffective passwords and weak Wi-Fi networks that can mean your devices are able to become part of a botnet army or, worse, share your data on the internet. As we’ve written, companies aren’t designing these products with security at the forefront, and consumers may elect to use weak…

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