The tech trends to watch while America is boiling, storming, burning & drying up


The warming climate will be one of the most powerful influences on the planet that human beings have ever seen, and the changes are already happening, notes a new report published on Tuesday written by a large group of scientists and organized by the U.S. government. For Silicon Valley — which saw a bubble grow and burst in recent years around building and investing in clean technologies — the report should highlight those (unfortunate) trends that are coming our way and that will change our lives fundamentally.

The environmental trends detailed in the report highlight what different regions of the U.S. will look like in the future. In particular, as Time summarizes it, “the southwest will bake,” “Alaska will melt,” “coast lines will be in danger,” and “agriculture will be resilient. . . at first,” (for about 20 to 25 years). For the entrepreneurs and investors who are trying to…

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